The Pomegranate Youth Theatre

&Gekkota Arts

The Youth Theatre has a strong policy of inclusion and working together to promote confidence and life skills.

The Pomegranate Youth Theatre offers weekly drama workshops that are available to all regardless of their ethnic or social background at a low cost. The Pomegranate Youth Theatre was formed in 2002 from an external drama group consisting of 10 to 15 members.  It has grown to an existing group of up to 90 young people ages 7-30, drawn from all around the Chesterfield and outlying area. The fun workshops provide a service to teach all aspects of stagecraft with professional facilitators which promote teamwork, social skills, emotional intelligence, creativity and confidence. The young people involved choose and explore issues relevant to themselves and the area in which they live as well as subjects and events from other aspects of life through research, improvisation, devising, scripting and performing.


 Youth Theatre members perform a yearly public showcase at the Pomegranate Theatre as part of their development. All members take part equally in performance and illustrate in an entertaining way the skills they have acquired.


The Pomegranate Youth Theatre work with professional writers and musicians and through devising and improvisation create new productions that are performed at the Pomegranate Theatre and other venues across the area.


 Past productions include scripted work with an original slant, for example Oh What a lovely war and Animal Farm.


They performed a brand new production with music funded by the heritage lottery about the Chesterfield Workhouse – ‘No One to Assist’. (This is now available for schools and other youth groups to use.)


They performed an original production  written by Sheila Young with music by Robert Laughlin from improvisations by the group from stories about the Chesterfield Canal. ‘Cuckoo’ was performed at the Pomegranate Theatre, the Staveley basin as part of the Canal Festival and Stainsby Festival.

They performed in a new intergenerational piece funded by Derbyshire Intergenerational Strategy 'Cradle to Grave' looking at the NHS.


All members of Youth Theatre took part in the showcase in July 214 'Your Bard' - A celebration of Shakespeares work and Life.

This year they have performed in new work for Haulocoust Memorial Day, written by Katy Dent,, Jam and Justice written by Louise Page in partnership with the WI Funded by Derbyshire intergenerational Strategy), Larks in the Park showcase, Written in Stone, written by Sheila Young (funded by the HLF) and Hidden Strangers  by Louise Page (Funded by Nottingham University) Gekkota Arts have just finished touring another brand new play Top Table written by Richard Stone.


  Future development for the Pomegranate Youth Theatre


  • As well as performing and taking part in the weekly workshops Youth Theatre members will receive discounted tickets for selected performances   at the Chesterfield venues to illustrate techniques covered in their sessions.

  • Have the chance to take part in workshops delivered by external Theatre companies as part of the venues programme.

  • Work with professional actors as part of their development.




    As well as the continuation of high quality performances at  Chesterfield Venues, the Pomegranate Youth Theatre  is a member of the East Midlands Youth Theatres network and the National Association of Youth Theatres. Talks  are  already taking place to exchange and share workshops and performances with other Youth Theatres in the midlands.


The Youth Theatre and Gekkota Arts take part in other festivals across the country promoting their work and the town of Chesterfield.




Carole Copeland


Founder and Director of the Pomegranate Youth Theatre