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Gekkota Arts presents: Mid-Zoomer Murders, an interactive 'who dunnit' set in a sleepy caravan site on the outskirts of the Skegness Riviera. Wannabe gumshoes needed to solve the mysterious disappearance of caravan site owner, Mr Tray LaParkè. Meet with the witnesses & use you're sleuthing skills to deduce who you think did the dirty. A dishevelled guest with a grudge? An enraged entertainer with a vendetta? Or maybe an unhappy cleaner with a chloroformed cleaning cloth? Follow our Sleuth Guy Lines as the mystery unfolds. You decide in the comments .

Or watch this on Youtube

'The Zoom where a Panto Happens'

'It's Panto season, but even Dames can't escape Covid-19. Watch them try to impress.. Watch them try to sell it.. Watch them try to perform.. It could only be a Zanto'

written by Ciaran Lindley

and 'Zoompro' by the group.

All 3 episodes are available on Gekkota You Tube.

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Not Words - Part 0ne
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                   The Candy Girls

Former workers at one of Chesterfield’s biggest factories are playing a major part in the development of a new theatrical production.

Staff at the long-gone Trebor sweet plant have contributed stories about working life and relationships to the project.

Their recollections are the inspiration for The Candy Girls which will form one of the highlights of the new Chesterfield Community Arts Festival in May this year.
The production has been made possible by a £10,000 All Our Stories grant from the National Lottery and involves professional scriptwriters, actors and musicians working with the Pomegranate Playwrights Group and Pomegranate Youth Theatre.

Animal Farm

Oh What a Lovely                   War

Not Words - Part two
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   Let Sleeping Bags Lie                 

             Cradle to Grave



Watch the performance at The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

Check out one of our past Arts Council projects

'Written in Stone'


              WRITTEN IN STONE 

 The Pomegranate Youth Theatre has received £25,700.00 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, Written in Stone in Chesterfield. Led by Carole Copeland, Director of the Youth Theatre, Sheila Young from Dexter Productions and volunteers from the local community, the project focuses on the heritage and history of local memorials and their relevance to young people today.


Working with local explorer scout groups they hope to create a positive difference by raising awareness among young people of the meanings, importance and feelings behind local memorials and commemoration ceremonies. The project will explore why this was particularly relevant for those left at home who were living in a pre-television and social media world and in a time the dead were not repatriated.

The Written in Stone project hopes to lead to the creation of an original anthem to be performed by those young people involved.


It is hoped that the project will enable local young people to re-engage, discover new relevance about commemoration and provide new opportunities to learn about their own heritage, with reference to conflict in the past and present by asking questions about their local war memorials and their history.


“We are thrilled to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and are confident the project will support young people to record the process, share their research and write the original anthem. The process will be recorded on a bespoke website for a wider audience to use in future commemoration events.”

     The Crucible
No One to Assist

Written by Sheila Young

Directed by Carole Copeland

Music by Robert Laughlin


The Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant of £ 16,300 for the Pomegranate Youth Theatre to plan research and write a play based on the Chesterfield Workhouse, one of the towns most prominent buildings, its place in the lives of the people at the time and its legacy in the present day.


“No One to Assist” explores the lives of the people who were in The Chesterfield Workhouse and the reasons behind the construction of one of the most prominent buildings in the town.

With help from the Museum, library and John Holmes of The St Helens History Group,

this award enabled up to 50 young people from The Pomegranate Youth Theatre and writers from the Young Writers group led by River Wolton, to research the history, the stories of those whose lives it touched and its impact on the social development of Chesterfield.


The finished script and original music has been developed from improvisation and research and will be performed March 17th – 20th 2010 at The Pomegranate Theatre by the young people and professional actors.

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