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Terms 2023/24

Tuesdays - Komodo Dragons 

West Studios

12th September - 24th October

7th November - 12th December

9th January - 13th February

27th February - 26th March

16th April  - 21st May

4th June - 9th July

Performance  28th June 2024 - Studio Theatre


Payment is due on the FIRST day of every term by

Cash/Cheque/BACS or DD monthly 

Fridays  - Jungle Runners/Iguanas

Rose Theatre

15th September - 27th October

10th November - 15th December

12th January- 16th February

1st March - 29th March

12th April - 24th May

7th June - 12th July

Performance 12th July 2024

Payment is due on the FIRST day of every term by

Cash/Cheque/BACS or DD monthly


meet every Tuesday at the West Studio

7.00pm - 8.00pm  - sessions

8.00pm - 9.00pm - Theatre Company

Comedy Nights - Studio Theatre

13th February 2024 Valentine Comedy Night - Studio Theatre

24th February 2024 - Comedy and Italian Supper Night - Rose Theatre

26th March 2024 - Easter Comedy Night - Studio Theatre

11th June 2024 - 'Here comes the Fun' comedy night


Summer School 2024

27th/28th/29th August



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